English for law and administration
This textbook is addressed to students of Law and Business Administration. It gives them a working knowledge of legal and administrative language, helping them to improve linguistic skills for their profession through a variety of topics: philosophy of Law, Criminal and Civil Law, the legal and judicial English system, Company law, Property Law, Cyber Law, the European Union. The aim is to improve students’ communicative skills and provide them with a sophisticated knowledge of selected aspects of the English language and culture, in order to build competences to compete in the international legal working world. Many activities are used in order to learn the appropriate vocabulary: open questions, gap-filling, true-false questions, word formation, multiple choice. Their solution is given at the end of the textbook, as well as a glossary, so that students will be able to have an immediate feedback.

Autore:Cristina Lupia
Prezzo:€ 19,90
Formato:14 x 21



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